Died in Service 1946 to the present day

Rank Initials Surname Location and Date of Death Loctation of Grave Ownership (War Grave or Private)
Tpr RS BABAKOBAU AFGHANISTAN 02/05/2008 Lovonilase Cemetery, Suva – Plot CE.N852 Private
COH R BAINBRIDGE CANADA 23/07/1963 Wainwright, Alberta, Canada
Tpr NJ BAKER UK 05/08/1990 Not Known
TPR GP BARTON UK 28/02/1958 Not Known
TPR PS BENNETT UK 12/03/1959 Great Northern Cemetery, New Southgate, London – Plot AC.6183 MoD
COH C BORMAN UK 02/10/1980 Not listed as having died in service
TPR BT BOWKER UK 13/16/1966 Not Known – Cremation
SQMC R BRIERLEY UK 12/01/1956 Spital Cemetery, Windsor – Plot JN.291 MoD
COH M BROWN CYPRUS 31/01/1956 Nicolsia Military Cemetery, Cyprus – Plot 19.C.3 MoD
COH I BROWN CYPRUS 08/03/1964 Dhekelia Military Cemetery, Cyprus – Plot 1.D.2 MoD
Tpr DM CARTER UK 18/07/1984 St Michael’s Churchyard, Brereton, Staffs Private
JTpr D CLARKE UK 19/05/1972 Birkenshaw Parish Churchyard, Bradford, Yorks N/K
TPR CA COLEY UK 06/03/1962 Not Known
Surgeon Major KJ CONNOLLY GERMANY 03/06/1980 Internment was at Spital, Windsor
LCpl COUPET UK 16/12/2000 Mansfield Cemetery, Notts – Plot 31150 MoD
CoH A CREIGHTON UK 05/02/1976 Not Known – Cremated
TPR JA CUMMINGS UK 09/12/1950 Not Known
COH AE D’ARCY QAMH MILLBANK 19/09/1965 Not Known – Cremated
CPL J DEMPSEY HONG KONG 13/01/1968 Not Known – Private Funeral
TPR NC DICKINSON UK 26/04/1985 Not Known – Cremated
2nd Lt EH DOWLING UK 22/05/1971 Not Known
LCoH LA DURBER NORTHERN IRELAND 23/02/1973 Tunstall Cemetery, Stoke on Trent N/K
Tpr S ELLIS UK 13/03/1978 Not Known – Private Cremation
Tpr HJ FROGGETT GERMANY 08/07/1981 Hannover (Limmer) Military Cemetery, Germany – Plot 18.D.17 MoD
CPL IJ GOODWIN UK 12/07/1949 Not Known
2LT P GORDON-SMITH CYPRUS 28/10/1964 Dhekelia Military Cemetery, Cyprus – Plot 7.C.10 MoD
Tpr MB GREIVE UK 18/04/1989 Not Known – Private funeral
TPR DR GRIFFITHS BAOR 05/09/1956 Private Funeral – Broughton Churchyard, Nr Chester
2LT HF GROSVENOR UK 09/04/1947 Not listed as having died in service
TPR JE HADDOCK UK 08/09/1956 General Cemetery, Shrewsbury Not Known
Colonel AJ HARTIGAN UK 13/11/1982 Non Military Fneral Private
LCPL B HODGSON EGYPT 03/04/1947  Fayid War Cemetery Egypt CWGC War Dead
Tpr PD JOHNSON UK 24/02/1969 Windsor Cemetery Windsor and Maidenhead Royal Borough Berkshire MOD Maintained
Lt RM JOHNSON AFGANISTAN 01/08/2006 Ashes returned to Family in SA Private Cremation
LCpl DP KEY CYPRUS 23/12/1984 Not Known Not Known
Tpr MB LAWS UK 12/07/1977 United Kingdom – BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERY Military Annex. Row F. Grave 10. Maintained by CWGC on behalf of the MoD
FCOH E LODGE UK 02/09/1964 Not Known Not Known
Tpr C LOID OMAN 17/11/1971 tidworth Military Cemeter MOD Maintained
TPR J MCCUMISKEY CYPRUS 08/03/1964 Dhekelia Cemetery, Eastern Soveriegn Base MOD Maintained 2 C Grave 4
CoH BR MEADE CYPRUS 31/08/1979 Braywick Cemetery, Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead Berkshire England Private Grave?
LCpl DJ MITCHINSON CANADA 03/05/2005 Washington Cemetery, Glebe Crescent, Washington Village Washington Tyne and Wear MOD Maintained
TPR WJ MUIRHEAD UK 10/06/1958 NO DETAILS HELD Assumption is private Grave
Tpr J MUNDAY AFGHANISTAN 15/10/2008 Woodlands Cemetery, Coleshill, North Warwickshire, England MOD Maintained
TPR KC ORR PALESTINE 19/04/1948 Ramleh War Cemetery MOD Maintained by cwgc on behalf of the MoD Plot 17 Row D Grave 19
CoH JJ PARKINSON CANADA 03/06/1980 Rochdale Cemetery, Bury Private
TPR K POTTER UK 04/08/1950 Not Known Not Known
COH G PRENTICE UK 03/07/1955 Hillsborough Cemetery, N Ireland Private
CoH I A PURVES GAMBIA 18/03/1979 Not Known cremated at Hounslow Crematorium Not Known
TPR D R REDGROVE UK 24/07/1963 Not Known Not Known
Tpr JW ROUGHLEY UK 24/11/2009 Not Known Not Known
TPR JA SEYMOUR Not Recorded 01/04/1948 Not Known Not Known
TPR DJ SLATTER BAOR 09/06/1962 Hanover (Limmer) Military Cemetery, Germany MoD
LCoH R STIFF UK 26/04/1991 Not Known Not Known
CPL FJ STREAM UK 28/12/1950 Spitals Cemetery, St Leonards Road, Windsor, Berks MoD
LCpl SR TANSEY AFGHANISTAN 12/08/2006 Holy Trinity Church, Washington Village, Newcastle No – Private Memorial
Tpr G TAYLOR GERMANY 18/08/1975 Harehill Cemetery, Leeds No
TPR JC TIMM UK 23/08/1954 Not Known Not Known
COH M WALL UK 21/04/2004 Not known – cremated at Banbury Crematorium No
LCoH AR WILLIS CANADA 19/08/1985 Not Known Not Known
TPR TJ YOUNG PALESTINE 21/04/1948 Ramleh Military Cemetery, Israel MoD


O Ever-living God, King of Kings, in whose service we put on the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation, grant we beseech thee that The Life Guards may be faithful unto death, and at last receive the crown of life from Jesus Christ, our Lord.


(Formed in April 1922 from: The 1st Life Guards, The 2nd Life Guards and took their present title in June 1928.)