The Life Guards Association Annual Dinner 2022

The Life Guards Association

85th Annual Dinner

Saturday 28th May 2022




THE 1st and 2nd LIFE GUARDS 





1st 11/05/29 Field Marshal Viscount Allenby A
2nd 17/05/30 Major General The Hon Sir Cecil Bingham A
3rd 25/04/31 Major General TCP Calley A
4th 28/05/32 Brigadier General AFH Ferguson A
5th 27/05/33 Colonel C Needham A
6th 28/04/34 Colonel The Hon AF Stanley A
7th 25/05/35 Lieutenant Colonel EH Brassey A
(1936) No Dinner held due to the death of HM King George V
8th 29/05/37 Major General The Earl of Athlone A
9th 30/04/38 Lieutenant Colonel F Penn A
10th 20/05/39 Colonel Sir Lionel Darrell A
No Dinners held during Second World War
11th 01/06/46 Major General The Earl of Athlone B
12th 31/05/47 Colonel The Hon ES Wyndham B
13th 29/05/48 Brigadier EJL Speed B
14th 28/05/49 Colonel The Hon ES Wyndham B
15th 13/05/50 Major Sir Archibald Sinclair B
16th 02/06/51 Colonel The Hon JJ Astor B
17th 07/06/52 Major General Sir Stewart Menzies B
18th 06/06/53 Colonel Sir Robert Gooch B
19th 29/05/54 Major The Marquess of Cambridge B
20th 07/05/55 Major General Sir Miles Graham C
21st 02/06/56 Lieutenant Colonel WWS Cunningham B
22nd 01/06/57 Colonel AH Ferguson B
23rd 07/06/58 Field Marshal Lord Harding of Petherton B
24th 06/06/59 Colonel FFB St George B
25th 11/06/60 Brigadier AH Head B
26th 10/06/61 Colonel EJS Ward B
27th 02/06/62 Colonel WH Gerard Leigh B
28th 08/06/63 Major RL Loyd B
29th 06/06/64 Major The Marquess of Cambridge B
30th 12/06/65 Major Sir Gerard Fuller B
31st 11/06/66 Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma D
32nd 10/06/67 Lieutenant Colonel NP Foster D
33rd 08/06/68 Lieutenant Colonel A Meredith Hardy D
34th 14/06/69 Colonel BMB Coates E
35th 13/06/70 Colonel Sir Robert Gooch E
36th 12/06/71 Colonel EM Turnbull E
37th 03/06/72 Major NE Hearson E
38th 02/06/73 Colonel JP Fane E
39th 15/06/74 Lieutenant Colonel Sir James Scott E
40th 14/06/75 Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma E
41st 12/06/76 Colonel Sir Robert Gooch E
42nd 11/06/77 Colonel IB Baillie E
43rd 03/06/78 Colonel EJS Ward E
44th 16/06/79 Lieutenant Colonel Sir Rupert Hardy E
45th 14/06/80 Major General HDA Langley E
46th 13/06/81 Major General Lord Michael Fitzalan Howard E
47th 12/06/82 Lieutenant Colonel SEM Bradish Ellames E
48th 11/06/83 Brigadier SC Cooper E
49th 16/06/84 Lieutenant Colonel WR Edgedale E
50th 15/06/85 Major TRS Gooch E
51st 14/06/86 Major RI Ferguson E
52nd 13/06/87 Colonel WH Gerard Leigh E
53rd 11/06/88 Brigadier EM Turnbull E
54th 17/06/89 Colonel JP Fane E
55th 16/06/90 Lieutenant Colonel Sir James Scott E
56th 15/06/91 Major General SC Cooper E
57th 09/05/92 Brigadier JB Emson E
58th 12/06/93 Brigadier ABSH Gooch E
59th 11/06/94 Colonel TJ Earl E
60th 17/06/95 Colonel VAL Goodhew E
61st 15/06/96 Colonel JWM Ellery E
62nd 14/06/97 Lieutenant Colonel AP De Ritter E
63rd 13/06/98 Colonel PSWF Falkner E
64th 12/06/99 Lieutenant Colonel RJ Morrisey-Paine E
65th 17/06/00 General Sir Charles Guthrie E
66th 16/06/01 Major NE Hearson E
67th 15/06/02 Colonel JP Fane E
68th 14/06/03 Major General Sir Simon Cooper E
69th 12/06/04 Colonel WSG Doughty E
70th 11/06/05 Lieutenant Colonel Sir Seymour Gilbart-Denham E
71st 17/06/06 Major JW Barnes E
72nd 16/06/07 Colonel MC van der Lande E
73rd 14/06/08 Lieutenant Colonel HSJ Scott E
74th 13/06/09 Colonel NMA Ridley E
75th 12/06/10 Lieutenant Colonel RRD Griffin E
76th 24/09/11 Lieutenant Colonel HRD Fullerton E
77th 22/09/12 Brigadier EA Smyth-Osbourne CBE E
78th 21/09/13 Lieutenant Colonel GGE Stibbe OBE E
79th 20/09/14 Rt Hon Sir Hugh Robertson MP KCMG E
80th 19/09/15 Brigadier JWM Ellery CBE E
81st 17/09/16 Brigadier MC Van der Lande OBE E
82nd 16/09/17 Colonel RC Taylor DSO E
83rd 26/05/18 Captain GC Davies E
84th 11/05/19  Field Marshal CRL Guthrie,Baron Guthrie of Craigiebank, CB, LVO, OBE, DL E
    (2020) No Dinner held due to COVID19 Pandemic
    (2021) No Dinner held due to COVID19 Pandemic
85th 28/05/2022 Lieutenant General Sir Edward Alexander Smyth-Osborne KCVO CBE B






  1. Wharncliffe Rooms, Hotel Grand Central, London
  2. Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, London
  3. Stone Buildings, Lincolns Inn, London
  4. Chatham Rooms, Victoria Station, London
  5. Combermere Barracks, Windsor