The Life Guards Association Annual Dinner 2022

The Life Guards Association

85th Annual Dinner

Saturday 28th May 2022




THE 1st and 2nd LIFE GUARDS 





1st 11/05/29 Field Marshal Viscount Allenby A
2nd 17/05/30 Major General The Hon Sir Cecil Bingham A
3rd 25/04/31 Major General TCP Calley A
4th 28/05/32 Brigadier General AFH Ferguson A
5th 27/05/33 Colonel C Needham A
6th 28/04/34 Colonel The Hon AF Stanley A
7th 25/05/35 Lieutenant Colonel EH Brassey A
(1936) No Dinner held due to the death of HM King George V
8th 29/05/37 Major General The Earl of Athlone A
9th 30/04/38 Lieutenant Colonel F Penn A
10th 20/05/39 Colonel Sir Lionel Darrell A
No Dinners held during Second World War
11th 01/06/46 Major General The Earl of Athlone B
12th 31/05/47 Colonel The Hon ES Wyndham B
13th 29/05/48 Brigadier EJL Speed B
14th 28/05/49 Colonel The Hon ES Wyndham B
15th 13/05/50 Major Sir Archibald Sinclair B
16th 02/06/51 Colonel The Hon JJ Astor B
17th 07/06/52 Major General Sir Stewart Menzies B
18th 06/06/53 Colonel Sir Robert Gooch B
19th 29/05/54 Major The Marquess of Cambridge B
20th 07/05/55 Major General Sir Miles Graham C
21st 02/06/56 Lieutenant Colonel WWS Cunningham B
22nd 01/06/57 Colonel AH Ferguson B
23rd 07/06/58 Field Marshal Lord Harding of Petherton B
24th 06/06/59 Colonel FFB St George B
25th 11/06/60 Brigadier AH Head B
26th 10/06/61 Colonel EJS Ward B
27th 02/06/62 Colonel WH Gerard Leigh B
28th 08/06/63 Major RL Loyd B
29th 06/06/64 Major The Marquess of Cambridge B
30th 12/06/65 Major Sir Gerard Fuller B
31st 11/06/66 Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma D
32nd 10/06/67 Lieutenant Colonel NP Foster D
33rd 08/06/68 Lieutenant Colonel A Meredith Hardy D
34th 14/06/69 Colonel BMB Coates E
35th 13/06/70 Colonel Sir Robert Gooch E
36th 12/06/71 Colonel EM Turnbull E
37th 03/06/72 Major NE Hearson E
38th 02/06/73 Colonel JP Fane E
39th 15/06/74 Lieutenant Colonel Sir James Scott E
40th 14/06/75 Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma E
41st 12/06/76 Colonel Sir Robert Gooch E
42nd 11/06/77 Colonel IB Baillie E
43rd 03/06/78 Colonel EJS Ward E
44th 16/06/79 Lieutenant Colonel Sir Rupert Hardy E
45th 14/06/80 Major General HDA Langley E
46th 13/06/81 Major General Lord Michael Fitzalan Howard E
47th 12/06/82 Lieutenant Colonel SEM Bradish Ellames E
48th 11/06/83 Brigadier SC Cooper E
49th 16/06/84 Lieutenant Colonel WR Edgedale E
50th 15/06/85 Major TRS Gooch E
51st 14/06/86 Major RI Ferguson E
52nd 13/06/87 Colonel WH Gerard Leigh E
53rd 11/06/88 Brigadier EM Turnbull E
54th 17/06/89 Colonel JP Fane E
55th 16/06/90 Lieutenant Colonel Sir James Scott E
56th 15/06/91 Major General SC Cooper E
57th 09/05/92 Brigadier JB Emson E
58th 12/06/93 Brigadier ABSH Gooch E
59th 11/06/94 Colonel TJ Earl E
60th 17/06/95 Colonel VAL Goodhew E
61st 15/06/96 Colonel JWM Ellery E
62nd 14/06/97 Lieutenant Colonel AP De Ritter E
63rd 13/06/98 Colonel PSWF Falkner E
64th 12/06/99 Lieutenant Colonel RJ Morrisey-Paine E
65th 17/06/00 General Sir Charles Guthrie E
66th 16/06/01 Major NE Hearson E
67th 15/06/02 Colonel JP Fane E
68th 14/06/03 Major General Sir Simon Cooper E
69th 12/06/04 Colonel WSG Doughty E
70th 11/06/05 Lieutenant Colonel Sir Seymour Gilbart-Denham E
71st 17/06/06 Major JW Barnes E
72nd 16/06/07 Colonel MC van der Lande E
73rd 14/06/08 Lieutenant Colonel HSJ Scott E
74th 13/06/09 Colonel NMA Ridley E
75th 12/06/10 Lieutenant Colonel RRD Griffin E
76th 24/09/11 Lieutenant Colonel HRD Fullerton E
77th 22/09/12 Brigadier EA Smyth-Osbourne CBE E
78th 21/09/13 Lieutenant Colonel GGE Stibbe OBE E
79th 20/09/14 Rt Hon Sir Hugh Robertson MP KCMG E
80th 19/09/15 Brigadier JWM Ellery CBE E
81st 17/09/16 Brigadier MC Van der Lande OBE E
82nd 16/09/17 Colonel RC Taylor DSO E
83rd 26/05/18 Captain GC Davies E
84th 11/05/19 Field Marshal CRL Guthrie,Baron Guthrie of Craigiebank,GCB, LVO, OBE, DL E
    (2020) No Dinner held due to COVID19 Pandemic
    (2021) No Dinner held due to COVID19 Pandemic





  1. Wharncliffe Rooms, Hotel Grand Central, London
  2. Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, London
  3. Stone Buildings, Lincolns Inn, London
  4. Chatham Rooms, Victoria Station, London
  5. Combermere Barracks, Windsor