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Research enquiry information, or Archive searches

A research service is available at Windsor and all work is undertaken by Museum Volunteers and as we receive no direct funding, there is a charge for each service.

The initial cost for this service is currently £35 and is non-refundable even if no information is found. We cannot guarantee what type of information will be returned from your search only that which we hold within our regimental archives. In many instances our archive may reveal a substantial record of an individual and in these cases an additional £15 will be required for copying, packaging and postal costs.

If you require a search of the Archive to be undertaken please complete the Archive enquiry form providing as much information as possible and return the form with your cheque made payable to Household Cavalry Museum Trust to the address on the form.

Over the centuries we have amassed an outstanding collection of rare and unique treasures from ceremonial uniforms, royal standards and gallantry awards to musical instruments, horse furniture and silverware by Fabergé. Each exhibit has its own compelling story to tell and many are on display for the very first time.

You can see two silver kettledrums given to the regiment in 1831 by William IV; the pistol ball that wounded Sir Robert Hill at Waterloo and the cork leg which belonged to the first Marquess of Anglesy, who, as the Earl of Uxbridge, lost his real one at Waterloo. Modern additions to the collection include Jacky Charlton’s football cap – he did his national service with the regiment and Sefton’s bridle – the horse that was injured in the 1982 Hyde Park bombings.

Much of the collection has resulted from the close association that has existed between the Household Cavalry and Royalty. We have, after all, protected successive kings and queens from rebels, rioters and assassins for nearly 350 years.

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